Closed-cell pur foam

Closed-cell pur foam


Closed-cell PUR foam has a density of 27-45 kg / m3 and it is more suitable for insulating foundations, roofs and exterior walls.

It’s thermal conductivity is almost twice that of conventional insulation materials or open-cell PUR foam. The thermal conductivity, or lambda number (λ), represents the amount of heat in watts passing through a 1m thick layer of 1m2 material in the period of 1 second when the surface temperature difference is 1Kelvin. Closed-cell PUR foam’s lambda number is up to 0.020 W / mK.

The lower the Lambda number, the better the insulation material.

When hardened, the foam becomes rigid, strong and completely airtight. Due to its high density, such a layer also forms an effective vapor barrier, eliminating the need for separate vapor barrier materials. The stiffness gives the material noise-reflecting properties, which makes the closed-cell PUR less soundproof compared to open-cell foam.

After applying, closed-cell PUR expands up to 40 times.