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Pur foam insulation
Polyurethane, or PUR foam for short, is a two-component low thermal conductivity material that’s extremely effective and easy to install.
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Closed-cell pur foam
Closed-cell PUR foam has a density of 27-45 kg / m3 and it is more suitable for insulating foundations, roofs and exterior walls.
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Open-cell our foam
Open-cell PUR foam, with a much smaller density of 6-12 kg/m3, is mainly used indoors. It is ideal for insulating exterior walls and ceilings, attics and floors.
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Polycarbamide surface coatings
Polycarbamide is resistant to a variety of chemicals and fuels, also completely waterproof, frost and UV resistant. The jointless monolithic coating does not crack and can withstand great weights. Some polycarbamide materials may also come into contact with food and drinking water.
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