Pur foam insulation

Pur foam insulation

Polyurethane, or PUR foam for short, is a two-component low thermal conductivity material that’s extremely effective and easy to install.

PUR foam is applied by spraying with special machinery. This method ensures seamless and even surface as well as complete air tightness. When reaching the surface, the initially liquid material begins to expand, filling any gaps in the way. The result is a dense layer that remains stable over time and does not flake off. Spraying allows to apply exactly as much material as needed, ensuring maximum efficiency, minimal material consumption and virtually no residue.

PUR foam is the best alternative to traditional insulation materials.

PUR foam fits perfectly into any part of a building requiring insulation. It adheres well to any surface, and the method of applying makes it easy to install even in tight and difficult areas. PUR foam is ideal for insulating both interior and exterior walls as well as foundations, roofs and floors.

Compared to traditional insulation materials, applying PUR foam is a less time consuming job.

PUR foam makes your house warm and significantly reduces both heating and cooling costs

PUR foam does not mold, rot, release toxic particles nor allow life for harmful microorganisms, insects or rodents. It is completely safe and therefore an ideal solution for allergy sufferers.

Two types of PUR foam is used, either open- or closed-cell

They differ from each other in both feature- and pricewise. Selection must be made taking into account the situation and the nature of the building as well as it’s insulation requirements.

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