Polycarbamide surface coatings

Polycarbamide surface coatings

Polycarbamide, or polyurea for short, is a two-component coating that is extremely resistant to both physical and chemical impacts.

Polycarbamide is resistant to a variety of chemicals and fuels, also completely waterproof, frost and UV resistant. The jointless monolithic coating does not crack and can withstand great weights. Some polycarbamide materials may also come into contact with food and drinking water.

Polyurea is easy to apply and adheres to all common surfaces, including wood, concrete, PVC and metal.

The material is primarily used to make floors, staircases, balconies or roofs water, frost and wear resistant. In addition to the construction industry, polyurea is also used for coating other surfaces such as tanks or swimming pools.

Spraying polyrea is a time-saving job that can be carried out even in difficult areas. 
The material is suitable for both new and refurbished buildings, initially liquid material adapts perfectly to any foundation. It’s possible to spray polycarbamide of any color and surface finish. The lack of mechanical fasteners and complete bonding to the surface ensures a reliable and durable solution.