Open-cell our foam

Open-cell our foam


Open-cell PUR foam, with a much smaller density of 6-12 kg/m3, is mainly used indoors. It is ideal for insulating exterior walls and ceilings, attics and floors.

Open-cell PUR has a thermal conductivity of up to 0.037 W/mK, which is more or less equivalent to EPS100 polystyrene foam.

Air inside the material, makes open-cell PUR much lighter, fluffier and surfaces stay breathable. In terms of thermal insulation, the material is comparable to polystyrene foam or wool, but due to its high expanding capacity, lack of joints and fast installation, open-cell PUR foam is definitely a more sensible solution.

Its porous structure does not absorb water but still allows water vapor to pass through, so the use of an additional vapor barrier is necessary. The fluffy foam absorbs noise, making open-cell PUR foam an excellent sound insulator.

Upon spraying, the open-cell PUR foam expands more than 100 times. Material consumption is thus much lower than that of the closed-cell foam. This makes it a more economical insulation solution.